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We have two locations in Canada i.e. Stratford, ON, and Toronto, ON where our café and food restaurants are situated. We offer heart-healthy, fresh, clean, drinks and food. “Uncovered” sustenance to us implies serving non-handled, naturally arranged, without sugar foods that are fundamentally good for you.

Some of our dishes are occasional to change up our everyday specials menu while exploiting nutritious regular deliver in the meantime. Some of our dishes provide food for dietary prerequisites with a sharp concentrate on those rehearsing a vegetarian abstain from food. Every one of these dishes shares one common objective – to be as great as Bravo for you as possible.

In light of this, we’ve made our own ‘sandwiches and other food products’ to incorporate “Mayo,’ ” Slaw,’ “Cheese” and our “Smoothie” to give some examples.

If you have a foodie hypersensitivity as well as prejudice, you’ll be provided food for. If you just need gluten and dairy free foods, you’ll be provided food for. Above all, in case you’re in look for tasty food and healthy too, that isn’t awful for you, you’ll be catered for as well.