Pavillion coffee


Pavillion espresso open since 2010, Grupo Pavillion has over seven years of advancing the territorial market as the owners from Greece is committed multi-local company with its quality approach.

As a brand, Café Pavillion is portrayed by explaining gourmet and selective food products; the most significant are espressos chocolates, made by specialists with one of a kind formulas with contributions from prestigious zones around Canada that speak to the best quality in the market.

With its products and stores, We keep up a strong presence in the most prestigious lodging networks in Canada, with impeccable service and unparalleled products.

The inspiration driving our espresso is basic: uncompromising quality. We are a claim to fame espresso roasting company expecting to bring people a centered and an outstanding espresso experience.

We start with a portion of the best green espresso from essentially small regions around Canada. We broil our espresso to the perfect degree, while completely creating complex flavors, and bringing out fragile clearness. The espresso is then measured in the lab and must pass the standard of greatness before achieving our clients. We trust that beginning with quality green espresso empowers us to put the care into the broiled espresso we serve—from the source to the final cup. We cherish what we would and like to impart it to you.

Sit down, let it cool a bit, and appreciate the difference in Pavillion coffee.

Our Mission

Pavillion fulfills client’s tastes and surpasses desires with legitimate and creative products. Our owners fanatically taste every espresso to decide the exact days on which it will accomplish top flavor.

Grupo Pavillion cultivates a healthy, cheerful, challenging and casual workplace. We, Pavillion people, are focused on consistently enhance the nature of what we serve, to ensure the client, to be socially capable on fulfilling our client’s need.

Flavor in espresso is a crescendo—no piece of the voyage is exhausting.