Answers to Common Blackjack Questions

Answers to Common Blackjack Questions

How to Play Blackjack game?

Blackjack game is played against the dealer representing the House. The players are dealt two cards each.  Both the cards face up, but the dealer has one card face up and another face down. The cards have some values. The aim is to score the closest to 21 points using the two cards and the extra cards randomly drawn from the deck.

What are the crucial Factors to be considered while evaluating a Blackjack Game?

If you are a basic strategy player, single deck with the best rules and options is the ideal game for you. Card counters can look for games with good penetration and gamblers can choose the games that pay off well.

Which is Better- Single Deck or Multiple Deck Blackjack?

Single deck blackjack is better than multiple decks for beginners and basic strategists. Extra decks could ruin the chance of winning.

Is Blackjack a Beatable Game?

Blackjack is a beatable game. However, this does not mean that you can become rich by playing and wining at Blackjack. If you consider blackjack as an investment option, you need to take three important factors into consideration- knowledge and skill, risk and bankroll, before placing your bet. This means only a highly skilled player with a small bankroll can hope to make dollars.

Is there only one way to beat this game?

Many people believe card counting is the only way to beat blackjack. However, over the years, many advanced players have discovered methods to beat the game. If you spend time in practicing the game, you may be able to discover the loopholes to win.

Who wins if you and the dealer have the same hand?

No one wins in this case. This situation is known as a push, where you can keep your money.

Name a few good blackjack books

Beat the Dealer written by Edward Thorp is the best blackjack book for beginners. Theory of Blackjack by Peter Griffin is another noteworthy book that lets you understand the mathematics of the game.

How to Increase Your Chance of Winning at Blackjack?

The best way to win at blackjack is to learn the basic strategies well. Keep your bets small while practicing. Be patient. It will take some time to hone your playing skills. Be disciplined. Otherwise you may lose money. The secret to win at blackjack is to have a lifelong dedication to the game.  WinPalace Casino is an online casino where I enjoy playing blackjack and from time to time I like to join their blackjack tournaments.